IGT Game King 6.1: 14 Keno Games

IGT Game King Keno

IGT Game King 6.1: 14 Keno Games

IGT Game King 6.1: 14 Keno Games
2 4 6 Way Keno
3 6 9 Way Keno
4 Card Keno
Caveman Keno
Caveman Plus Keno
Cleopatra Keno
Extra Draw Keno
Multi-Card Keno
Power Keno
Spot Keno
Super Keno
Super Way Keno
Top Bottom Keno
Triple Power Keno

This Machine is $2200 which includes delivery to you house, set up and demonstration, manual, and a new casino cabinet to set the machine on.

3 thoughts on “IGT Game King 6.1: 14 Keno Games

  1. Richard Ito

    I live in California , do you ship there. I would like it to play with paper cash and print pay out slips

  2. Kevin Rini

    I am looking for a good price on 2 bartop multi game slots for my mancave here in sparks Nevada,. can u hook me up ? looking for best quote.
    Kevin Rini 805 760 6147 or kevine7@verizon.net

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