IGT Wild Thing Cow Girl

IGT Wild Thing Cow Girl

IGT Wild Thing Cow Girl

One of the most fun reel slot games is the Wild Thing Cow Girl and IGT appropriately named this game right, for at random spins, “certain pays will haywire and repeat the pay.” What this is saying, is that, at random pulls, the machine will have its three reels to re-spin after the slot player already won those credits. In effect, the result will be the same numerical value of credits which will be awarded after the three reels are finished in the haywire mode. Also, the Cow Girl Wild symbol is wild and substitutes for any symbol on the payline. Furthermore, there are seven award levels with the jackpot being three Cow Girl Wild symbols on the payline, with the red sevens next in line, followed by the three triple bar symbols, double bars, single bars and mixed bars in that order. The slot player can even win on one Haywire Wild symbol, but what is fun is that the avid slot player will never know when the next pull will cause the three reels to re-spin and cause the machine to go “haywire.” This Wild Thing slot machine plays the 60′s rock band “The Kinks” song, “Wild Thing” every time the reels are spinning.

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