WMS - 9 Suns

9 Suns is a video slot machine by Williams Gaming in which its theme is based upon the ancient Japanese culture, warriors and accurate archers. This video slot game has 25 paylines in which the machine can be programmed to have 1 to 20 credits per payline. This machine can also be programmed to be multi-denominational in which the slot player can choose any denomination one chooses. Some of the symbols are the sun, wise old man, Japanese warrior, scroll, swords, house, and bow and arrow. The top award is 1000 credits when five suns are shown on a played payline per credit played on that payline. For example if 5 Suns are shown on a played payline and the wager was 10 credits on that payline then the top award would be 10,000 credits. There is only one bonus game which is called the 9 Suns Bonus

The 9 Suns Bonus is initiated when 3 or more ‘9 Suns’ symbols are shown in any scattered played paylines. The screen changes to the Sun Selection Bonus and the goal of the this bonus round is to have the Japanese archer, Hou Yi, to shoot down 9 of the 10 suns down so as to have one remaining sun to shine over the earth. The more ‘9 Suns’ symbols are shown the more arrows Hou Yi is given to shoot down the suns. If 3 ‘9 Suns’ symbols are shown, the slot player is awarded 3 picks of which suns to have Hou Yi to shoot down. If 4 ‘9 Suns’ symbols are shown, on any of the 5 reels the slot player is award 4 picks, and if 5 ‘9 Suns’ symbols are shown, the slot player is awarded 5 picks to have Hou Yi aim at the 5 different suns. When the slot player choose the sun for Hou Yi to shoot down, he shoots the arrow at the sun and it explodes and a bonus of either a number of free spins is revealed or a Wild symbol. Sometimes when the sun explodes, a portion of the sun hits another sun or suns and the slot player is awarded with more free spins or more Wild symbols. If the slot player is able to have one remaining sun a special bonus credits is awarded. If 2 or more suns are remaining, there is no additional credits are awarded and the screen changes where the free spins of the 9 Suns bonus is played. The slot player could possibly get more free spins when 3 or more of the ‘9 Suns’ symbols land anywhere on a played line. The wild symbols that are revealed behind the exploding suns will be wild symbols in the free spin bonus round. The bonus round ends when there is no more free spins remaining. All bonus round credits are then added to the remaining credits before the bonus round was played

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