Moon Patrol

Player drives a moon buggy jumping over craters, rocks and land mines, shooting simultaneously at rocks in front and aliens above while dodging their missiles. Features very catchy background music and cute bouncing tires when the buggy is destroyed. Foreground and background terrain scroll at different rates giving the illusion of depth.

The object is to complete the varying legs of the patrol course as quickly as you can while avoiding rocks, craters, mines, and attacks from enemy craft. Your buggy has two guns: a short-range cannon that fires ahead of you and an anti-aircraft gun that fires upwards. You can use the cannon to blast away rocks that block your progress. Most rocks will crumble in one hit, but large ones qill need two hits. There are also tiny rocks that can only be destroyed with precision shooting otherwise, you will have to jump it.

Your on-screen display has three indicator lights to warn you of approaching danger.
When the top one flashes, there are enemy saucers coming in. Attack them using your gun and avoid their bombs. The spinning saucers are particularly nasty, as they bomb the ground ahead of you and make fresh craters.
The middle light indicates a minefield. Proceed with caution here and time your jumps to avoid the mines on the road.
Finally, the bottom light indicates an enemy behind you. Sometimes, an enemy hovercraft will stalk behind you for a bit and then charge at you. You need to jump so it passes under you and then take it out with your cannon when you come back down.

Points E, J, O, and T are checkpoints. When you reach them, you are evaluated against the average. If you beat the average, you gain bonus points. If you reach the end of the course point Z, you automatically receive a special bonus in addition to any time bonus you may receive.

59 seconds is the fastest time possible to reach checkpoints E, J, O, T, or Z. The game keeps track of the best times to reach these points. If you complete the Beginner’s Course, the second course is called the Champion or Expert Course which repeats after successful completion. Mastering speed control and simultaneous use of jump/fire buttons will give you the edge you need to master the game.

TRICK: You have a better chance of hitting a UFO directly above if you jump while firing rapidly. This will compress your shots, making it harder for a UFO to slip through the space between bullets.

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