Aero Fighters 3

The third game in this series. The player controls an aircraft whose mission is to combat world terrorism. Each pilot has a storyline that goes along with the game.

The game’s fighter pilots come from different countries. Each one has a different storyline that unfolds during the gameplay. Also, depending on what country they serve, they get respective currency (or point) bonuses. Each pilot can expand their weapons and collect power-ups for extra large onslaughts.

The object of the game is to fly from country to country and destroy all opposition around the world before flying into outer space to combat the phantom menace responsible for the terrorism. One enemy shot destroys the player’s plane and releases a special power-up that the plane may have been carrying. If the player’s final ship is destroyed, all power-ups and extra bombs are released and can be collected if the player continues or a second player is still active and vice-versa. However, on the final mission in outer space, the player is forced to start again at the beginning of the space mission unless two players are active.

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