Baseball Stars 2

The sequel to SNK’s popular baseball arcade game. Players can create leagues of up to 125 games (6 teams playing each other 25 times) and view statistics such as League Standings, Average, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Earned Run Average, Wins and Saves. Players can fire players and upgrade them using the same 15-point system introduced in the original Baseball Stars.

Players can select from one of 18 teams across 2 leagues – Exciting League (beginner) & Fighting League (expert) :

Exciting League :
* New York Monsters
* Tokyo Ninjas
* Napoli Angels
* Taipei Hawks
* Seoul Ivories
* Sydney Griffons
* Oaxaca Rockets
* Barcelona Flames
* London Lifeguards

Fighting League :
* USA Bisons
* Japanese Samurais
* Korean Dragoon
* Italian Waves
* Taiwan Dragons
* Aussie Thunders
* Mexican Typhoons
* Spanish Galleons
* British Knights

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