Area 88

Area 88 is a superb sideways scrolling shoot-em-up in which the players chooses from 3 jet fighters: an A-10 Thunderbolt, a F-14 tomcat and an F-20 tiger Shark – and must battle their way through 10 enemy-packed levels (plus an extra bonus stage).

As you play Area 88, you shoot down enemies to score points as well as money, which is used to buy special weapons. You can also buy a different jet to pilot which affects speed, gun power, and which special weapons you can get.

When you get hit, your jet goes into a “danger” state. If hit again while “danger” is on, you’ll lose a life. The “danger” state wears off after a moment. Every time you get hit, you lose a small amount of fuel. If your fuel gauge is empty, the “danger” state does not wear off.

Power ups can be picked up to get extra cash, increase your main gun’s power, refill your special weapons ammo, and restore your fuel gauge.

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