Art of Fighting 3

The third game in this SNK fighting series. This time the main character of the game is Robert and the story mainly revolves around him. The cast is mainly new, with only Ryo and Robert returning. However some notes of interest are that the character Kasumi Todoh is related to Todoh of the first Art of Fighting game. Yuri also makes brief appearances in Robert’s story.

Special and super moves are all done by performing motion and button presses. Unlike the last 2 games there are no bonus games to play in this sequel.

The game plays just like the previous 2 titles with fighters having “spirit” gauges which need to be charged up after performing so many special moves.

All fighters have a super attack which will almost certianly KO the opponent or put a big dent in their life gauge. If these super attacks are done on an opponent who has a only a tiny bit of health left then they are KO’d with a “Ultimate KO” which will win the player who did the ulimate KO the match, even if it was done in the first round.

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