Street Fighter II - Champion

Two characters fight each other in martial arts matches held on several continents. The winner of two out of three rounds moves on to the next stage. The game also allows the Boss characters to be chosen for play.

Fast Credits: If a player completes the game the the credits include screens of game characters fighting one another while the credits text scrolls up vertically. If a player completes the game without having to continue, he or she can press down all six attack buttons during the credits to have them go extremely fast, this also speeds up the game characters fighting on screen.
See The Programmers: If a player completes the game without losing a single round the credits are displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen with profile pictures for each of the developers of the game. While the credits are being shown the profile picture of each of the characters in the game is displayed to the left while the corresponding character appears on screen and attacks a breakable itembarrel/crate then takes a winning pose.

This sequel to Street Fighter II – The World Warrior allows the player to choose “boss” fighters and is the first game in the series that allows players to compete using these characters.

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