Street Fighter II - Turbo

This is the second SFII follow-up. Here’s what’s new:
* Gameplay is SIGNIFICANTLY sped up to intensify the pace of the game.
* More special moves (ie. Chun Li’s fireball, Dhalsim’s Yoga Teleport) are added for each character except for M. Bison.
* New color schemes are added for each character (but the color schemes for the stage backgrounds are still the same as they were for Champion Edition).
* The addition of mid-air special moves for Chun Li, Ryu and Ken are introduced.
* Platform graphics (resembling the medal ceremonies in the Olympics) are added to each character’s ending, featuring the character you completed the game with at the first-place platform, M. Bison at the second-place platform, and Sagat at the third-place platform. The musical setting for this display is the music from the home stage of the character standing on the 1st-place platform (If you completed the game with Sagat or M. Bison, the one you used stands on the 1st-place platform, the other one on the 2nd-place platform, and Vega occupies the 3rd-place platform).

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