Super Burger Time

Peter Pepper returns almost eight years after the original Burger Time – and this time, there are more evil things in his way, more tools to deal with them (the classic pepper, a skewer, a frying pan, even a water hose), and bigger burgers to assemble. You even have to fight bosses, by heaving hamburgers at them!

Unlike in the original Burger Time, your weaponry is time-limited instead of limited in number of uses. Also unlike the original, hitting an enemy enough times with your weapon will knock them off the screen. If your weapon runs out of time, you’ll be left unarmed until you can get another from the windows on either side of the screen. Don’t be afraid of hammering your fire button – but also remember, you get extra points if you trap an enemy beneath a falling burger piece, so it may be in your best interests to merely stun them and then drop a topping on them, depending on the situation.

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