Thrash Rally

Thrash Rally is a top-down perspective rally racing game for one or two players. Each race begins with players asked to choose a vehicle in which to race, with each offering a different balance between handling, acceleration, vehicle endurance and top speed.

There are two racing modes on offer. The first, World Rally Championship, features rounds that take place over lap-based circuits, with each lap having to be completed within a set time limit. World Rally mode offers players a choice of six different rally cars.

The second mode is the Paris-to-Dakar rally. This doesn’t feature laps but is a point-to-point race, with each stage having to be completed within a set time limit. In addition to the six rally cars of the World Rally mode, the Paris-to-Dakar Rally also allows players to race in either a buggy, a motorbike, or a truck.

All tracks feature a variety of different road surfaces, such as snow, gravel, sand or water. Many of the tracks also feature a variety of jumps and chicanes, as well as track-based obstacles that should be avoided.

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