Three Wonders

This title has three different games from varying genres. Midnight Wanderers is a side-scrolling platform game, Chariot is a side-scrolling shooter, and Don’t Pull is a maze/block game. All have very colorful graphics.

Midnight Wanderers: This is your basic run-n-jump platform game but the big difference here is the graphics – they are beautiful! You control an elf and run through the levels killing all the bad guys and picking up the power-ups left behind.

Chariot: This game is your basic side-scrolling shooter but again, with awesome graphics. You control an elf in a hang-gliding outfit and destroy wave upon wave of enemies and grab the power-ups to increase your weapon strength.

Don’t Pull: I would classify this as a Pengo clone. You control a rabbit, or a chipmunk if you’re player two, who run around a maze pushing blocks into the bad guys to smush them. No elves here! Very colorful and overly cutesy graphics.

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