An isometric, futuristic shooter with pre-rendered “Polygonised” sprites. There are end-of-level guardians that include a giant metal crab, a fly and a totem-pole. The stand-out soundtrack even contains James Brown samples.

The levels are themed with polygonised versions of fish, insects, tanks and “slinky” springs all of which must be avoided or destroyed. The game resembles Sega’s Zaxxon in style.

The player must follow the diagonally scrolling screen, avoiding assorted enemies and mechanical contraptions to reach the end-level guardian which must be destroyed. The main weapon is a pulse laser which can be charged up for increased damage. Only a pair of drones can be collected as power-ups. Three types of bomb are available: a fire-wall, homing missiles and a nuclear bomb. The vendor can configure the game for either simultaneous or alternate two-player games. Alternate mode also affects one-player games by introducing restart points when the craft is destroyed.

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