Samurai Shodown II

The second installment in the popular samurai-based game series from SNK. This version adds new characters, a few “secrets” and an even more balanced gameplay. This game is generally regarded as the best overall version in the series for its amazingly refined gameplay.

Haohmaru and the female fighter both have special attacks. Haohmaru’s special attack is two quarter circles from back to down, then straight back and quarter circle from down to back (‘back’ meaning away from his opponent), then hit B and C (medium slash and light kick). This performs a whirlwind attack like his flying slash, but it can extend all the way across the screen. Although rather difficult, it can be done an unlimited number of times with no delay or ill effect, and is completely devastating if you catch an opponent off guard. It is also possible to “charge” this attack during a jump, if you can do it quickly enough, so that as soon as you hit the ground, you immediately do it again.

The female fighter with the hawk can do a similar attack using similar control movements. Change ‘back’ to ‘front’ (towards the opponent) in the description of Haohmaru’s attack, and you get the special attack for the female. Once it has been used in a game, the computer works it into its strategy, so when playing your mirror or respective opponent with a special attack, beware. In some cases it cannot be blocked.

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