Samurai Shodown IV

You choose from a group of different characters to battle against an evil boss (Amakusa). There are many elaborate special moves, and the game is quite good with traditional sounding music and anime-type graphics. Standard fighting game setup with best of three rounds.

You begin by selecting your character, then you move to the difficulty select screen. You can choose Beginner, Intermediate or Expert. Each enables different things, such as no blocking, etc. Then you move to pick Chivaly or Treachery for your character type which gives your character a new set of moves and sometimes a different look. This adds much depth to the game, allowing one character to become two different people. You fight your way to Amakusa’s castle in order to have a final confrontation with him and put an end to his evil reign.

A basic fighting game that is similar to Street Fighter II – The World Warrior, Mortal Kombat, or any of the other Samurai Shodown prequels

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