Savage Reign

Choose a fighter and battle your way to defeat “King Lion”. The game consists of jumping between two 3-D planes in the play area, while punching, kicking, attacking using different weapons, and performing special attacks.

This game seems to be a combination of Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, and Fatal Fury all in one. Uses large characters as in Art of Fighting, weapons like those found in Samurai Shodown, and jumping between multiple planes or levels of the playfield as in Fatal Fury. Other than that, its your standard fight to the death game.

Players fight on intricately designed stages using their fists, feet and weapons. In some stages you can jump into the background, and in others you can jump up to a higher level. You can also attack players who are on different levels of the playfield (unlike Fatal Fury). You are fighting to work your way to and defeat “King Lion”.

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