Shanghai III

Using a hand-shaped pointer, player matches pairs of tiles. Only tiles with ‘open’ sides can be matched. The object is to clear all of the tiles from the screen.

Players pick from an assortment of Zodiac-themed tile patterns such as Dragon, Tiger, etc. The object is to clear all of the tiles from the screen by matching them in pairs. Only tiles with one side ‘open’ not touching another tile can be matched with each other. The game runs on a timer, so you have to move fast to clear the entire screen.

In two-Player mode, the game can be played either competitively or co-operatively. In the competitive mode, the screen is split and each player has his or her own stack of tiles to clear. The object is to clear tiles to reveal the elusive ‘gold’ tile. The first player to find the gold tile in each round wins. In co-operative mode, the game is played exactly like in one-Player mode except that there are two pointers on the screen.

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