The game of horseshoes hosted by a cartoon horse! A variety of comical distractions occur throughout the game. The game has a redneck theme and all the characters have their own sayings and quirky behaviors.

During the game there are unusual things taking place in the surroundings: a guy on a lawnchair drinking beer watching you, cows grazing, a snake scuttling across the play field, an airplane flying above advertising beer, a chicken walking by, a chipmunk digging up from below, and many others.

The game follows the same rules as standard horseshoes. Roll the trackball to pitch the horseshoe at the stake. The velocity that the trackball is initially spun will determine the angle and how far the horseshoe will actually travel.

Each of the four players have their own unique throwing style, strengths and weaknesses. In order to excel at this game, players must master each skill.

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