Sly Spy

A side scrolling shooter with multiple references to the James Bond series of films. Fight a variety of terrorists to save the world from a nuclear holocaust. Scenes include the standard running and jumping stages as well as mid-air fights, underwater battles, and motorcycle chases.

The ultimate power-up in this game is called the “Golden Gun” and it works almost like the cobra gun in Robocop.

The Bond villian “Jaws” shows up at the end of stage two and one of the Bond logos shows up during the attract mode. Another one of the Bond villians who also appears in the game is “Odd Job”.

At the start of each game you are allowed to select a three digit number for yourself of course, everyone selects 0-0-7.

Help ‘Sly Spy’ save the world by shooting a variety of bad guys.

Your main weapon is your gun that requires a continual supply of bullets, but if it runs out you will have to kick.

Certain enemies drop pieces of the Golden Gun and once it has been assembled, the gun becomes a very powerful rifle capable of destroying just about anything in it’s path.

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