Snow Bros.

One or two players take on the roles of snowmen Nick and Tom as they battle a variety of monsters over fifty platform-based, single screen levels. The snowmen must throw snowballs at the enemies, eventually encasing them completely in snow. The encased enemies must them be kicked in order to destroy them. This is achieved by standing next to the snowball and pressing the “kick out” button, which sends the giant snowball flying around the screen, killing any enemies that lay in its path. During every 10th level, the players must face and defeat an end-of-level boss.

A number of power-ups are available, in the form of coloured potions. The power-ups are as follows :
* Yellow = Long shot
* Red = Speed up
* Blue = Bigger snowballs (encases monsters quicker)
* Green = Inflates the players like a balloon and lets them fly around the screen, killing any monsters they touch.

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