Blue's Journey

The player controls a heroic young man named ‘Blue’ (in the two-player game the second player controls ‘Princess Fa’, who has identical powers to Blue), whose peaceful home planet of ‘Raguy’ has been invaded by the evil Daruma tribe. The Daruma are polluting the planet as they consume its dwindling resources and it falls on Blue and the Princess to stop them and save Raguy.

Both Blue and Princess Fa have the ability to stun enemies by hitting them with a large leaf. Once stunned, they can be picked up and thrown as projectiles at other enemies. Blue and Princess Fa can also shrink in size in order to access hidden areas, but they are not able to stun enemies while shrunk. If only one player is shrunk, they can be picked up by the other player and thrown as a projectile at the enemies.

Flowers, bonus items and power-ups are littered throughout the levels. The flowers are the game’s form of currency and can be used in the shops that are located throughout the game. There are two different types of shop, offering either tips and help with overcoming certain obstacles, or health and weapon power-ups.

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