Crime Fighters

It’s you and your friends versus the street gangs beat them up and kick ’em when they’re down. Pick up steel pipes, knives and guns to eliminate your foes quicker. Fight the boss enemies at the end of each level.

A typical street fighting game that takes place at various locations in a city. The object of the game is to rescue the girls who have been kidnapped by the city’s crime boss. Your character can punch and kick any enemy, but once your foe collapses to the ground, you can kick him until he either gets up again or is defeated.

If an enemy carries a weapon, you can pick it up and use it against other bad guys. Once you get hit, however, the weapon disappears. The only exception to this is the gun which remains available until all the shots have been used up.

The end bosses each have different vulnerabilities. There is a different technique used to defeating each one, but some bosses just seem to require a lot of health to defeat them. Health points are received by dropping in quarters and are also rewarded for completing each level.

After you defeat the final end boss and rescue the kidnapped girls from the official crime boss, the credits roll and the game moves on to a special bonus round. You are placed in the ultimate quarter-pumping scenario: a street filled with all the end bosses and characters found throughout the game! Afterwards, the game starts over, but if you progress through all the levels again, the game will end.

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