Crime Fighters 2

Punch and kick game from Konami. There are a variety of bad guys for you to stomp and you can even kick them while they are still down on the ground. The occasional boss thug provides an extra challenge.

BUG: In the latter part of the second level, there is a bucket that can be picked up and thrown onto the head of an enemy, rendering him ‘walking-round-in-circles’ until he is struck. In a two-player (or more) game, if one person carries the bucket for the whole of the rest of the level, letting the second player do the fighting until the ‘boss’ is reached, and then throws the bucket at the ‘boss’ (a big guy who bursts out of a crate) the game will kind of crash, leaving the boss character floating around the screen, unable to be hit.

Up to four players can choose to be one of the members of a street gang called The Cobras. The members are: Hawk, an ex-professional wrestler; Sledge, an ex-military convict; Boomer, a martial arts expert; and Blood, an ex-prizefighter.

The object of the game is to help The Cobras rescue their female member, Kate, from their rivals, “The Dead End Gang”. The Cobras must fight every gang member and vanquish each boss enemy.

This game improves on its predecessor by varying the moves that each player character posseses, making each one have a unique style.

The game play is similar to Crime Fighters. However, this game contains many more weapons that can be used, such as shotguns, clubs, buckets, bricks, whips, etc. As in the original, there are some touches of violent risque humor (e.g. leather-clad “pimps” and dogs in heat who try to molest you).

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