Fatal Fury 2

Choose one of eight characters. Fight other characters until you reach the final boss. Each character has his or her own ending.

Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi return for another battle after defeating Geese Howard. This time, a mysterious warrior called Wolfgang Krauser has been injuring fighters from the previous tournament and now he’s after Terry, Andy and Joe.

Terry, Andy and Joe are joined along five new characters: Mai Shiranui (the ninja girl who is Andy’s love interest), Chin Shin Zan (a fat guy),K im Kaphwan (a Tae-Kwon-Doe expert), Jubei Yamada (a perverted Judo master) and Big Bear (the wrestler fomerly know as Raiden).

The gameplay is your standard fighting game stuff except that you fight in two planes, not just one (which is useful for avoiding projectiles). You choose from one of the eight main characters and you either, fight against a second player or fight agaisnt the other seven CPU-controlled characters.

After defeating all seven opponents, you must face three bosses before fighting Wolfgang: Billy Kane (from the first game), Axel Hawk (a boxer) and Laurence Blood (a spanish matador). After defeating all of them, you must fight against Wolfgang Krauser in order to see your character’s ending.

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