Fatal Fury 3

The last game of this early series. Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai and Geese return to South Town as they are joined by five new characters and three bosses.

It has been two years since the second King Of Fighters tournament took place. Now Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai and Geese are back in South Town along with five new characters and three bosses. All of them have their own reasons of coming to South Town, but in the end, everything links to a scroll that reveals the secret to the lost ancient martial arts.

The main game play is just like Fatal Fury 2 except that instead of two planes there are three. You choose from one of ten main characters.

New characters include Blue Mary (a blonde female secret angent), Bob Wilson (a Capoeira expert), Hon Fu (an Asian detective who bears a resemblance to Kim from Fatal Fury 2), Franco Bash (another boxer) and Mochizuki Sokaku (a sort of socerer). In a one-player game, you travel to South Town defeating other opponetns while searching for an insane mob boss called Yamazaki Ryuji. There are also two hidden characters, Jin Cho Rei and Jin Cho Shu.

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