You are the human competitor in the medieval gladitorial challenge. Fight a variety of mythological beings to the death in your quest to become the champion.

There are a variety of weapons and armor that can be bought. There are only eight opponents and you are allowed to choose your weapon and the opponent fight order so you can have the right amount of strength and weaponry.

The game has nine different selectable colosseums, each with a different opponent to face.

Pandemonium – Cawnus the Lamia Noble
Gehenna – Gran the Gargoyle
Tarterus – Norfolk the Lizard Man
Gadsheim – Sharon the Armor Dragon
Archeron – Daldnoa the Scorpion Man
Elysium – Solomon the Wizard
Twin Paradises – Charry Steve The Assassins
Abyss – Pon the Giant

The game ends after all nine respective opponents in all nine respective colosseums have been defeated.

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