Hit the Ice

It’s the Reds versus the Blues in this anything goes one- to four-player hockey game. Fight, trip, body slam, hack, slash, spear and elbow your way past opponents to get the puck into the net. For an additional credit, players can buy a Power Drink that will transform the player character into a powered-up maniac for one minute.

The game is a one- to four-player game based on the game of Ice Hockey. It takes place on the Official “VHL” (Video Hockey League) ice rink pitting the Reds (left side) against the Blues (right side). Each team is made up of three players — two forwards and a goal tender. The object of the game is to shoot the puck into the other team’s goal.

The game offers fights, trips, body slams, shattering glass, blazing shots, head-over-heels bone crushing hits, hacking, slashing, spearing, elbowing and all out knock-down, punching, crunching action. You don’t need to know any rules about hockey to enjoy Hit The Ice — the ultimate red-blooded sport. There is fast paced end to end action, heart stopping incredible saves, booming slapshots, impossible in-the-air 360 degree cartwheel supershots all with some good natured humor thrown in.

Players can purchase Power Drinks in the locker room between periods for an additional credit. The drink promises “Skate Faster, Shoot Harder, It really, Really works!” At the start of the next period the player will undergo a wild cartoon-like transformation that turns the character into a maniac for the next minute of play.
Game Play
In a one-player game, the player controls his forward, his goalie and his computer assited forward. For two-player games, players can team up against the computer or compete against eachother. Players can also team up for three- or four-player games. A continuous buy-in feature allows players to join at any time.

A game is divided into three, five minute periods. Players retire to the locker rooms between periods to receive tips and the opportunity to buy Power Drinks.

Before the game begins, players can choose their goalies and forwards from a list of twelve characters. If a person is playing alone on a team, the computer will automatically select the additional forward.

Each character has his own unique style of a “Hit”. Players begin the game with a faceoff at center ice. A close-up of the characters faces will appear at the top of the screen and will reflect the amount of abuse the player has suffered.

During the game, players who relentlessly slam, spear and trip eachother will soon drop their sticks and gloves and begin to fight. The winner skates off with the puck and the loser will shake off the cobwebs and will skate slower for the next ten seconds. If the character loses three fights, he is replaced by a new player!

The foward controls are:

Wrist Shot – Press Shoot and tap joystick in the direction of the shot.
Slap Shot – Hold down Shoot and release while taping joystick.
Fake – Hit Shoot only.
Pass – Hit Pass.
Request a Pass – Hit Pass.
Hit – Hit Check.

The goalie controls are:

Make a Save – Hit Save.
Freeze Puck – Catch the puck and wait for the whistle.
Punch – Hit Check.
Pass – Hit Pass.

TRICK: The best time to start a fight is after a goal is scored. Drop the gloves and work out your frustrations on your opponent’s face!

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