Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road

In his never ending quest for adventure and excitement, man invented off-road racing. These races were then brought before the masses by converting huge sports stadiums into dirt and mud obstacle courses in which off-road ‘Ironmen’ battled for top honors.

Now THE LELAND CORPORATION brings this fast moving, hard driving sport to the video game arena.

Ironman Ivan Stewart’s Super Off-Road is stadium off-road racing at it’s best. One to three players are asked to test their dirt track skills against the best dirt truck driver in the world.

Contestants compete on eight different tracks with a total of 16 configurations and these courses are packed with enough jumps, bumps, hills, and holes to challenge even the most skillful driver.

Winning drivers earn ‘cash’ prizes, and use this ‘cash’ to ‘buff out’ their machines. At the end of each race, players take their trucks to the ‘Speed Shop’ to buy better shocks, tires, engines, and higher top speed. They can also buy nitro packs to help them blast over the jumps and through the mud.

The ‘Convert-a-Credit’ feature allows drivers to add to their winnings by using credits as ‘cash’. Each additional quarter, when converted, becomes $200000.00 in game ‘cash’ and this additional ‘cash’ may be used for purchases in the ‘Speed Shop’.

The game has eight different tracks with a total of sixteen different configurations. The names of the tracks are Sidewinder, Fandango, Wipeout, Blaster, Huevos Grande, Cliffhanger, Big Dukes and Hurricane Gultch.

At the beginning of the game, players can put in their initials and birthdates and select a nationality. The selectable nationalities include U.S.A., France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan, Cananda and Mexico. After this, the players begin racing.

The players can each be one of three specificly colored trucks which are red, yellow and blue. The white truck is strictly computer-controlled and is driven by “Ironman” Ivan Stewart. During the demo play or whenever the players are not using the other trucks, the red truck is driven by “Madman” Sam Powell, the yellow truck is driven by “Hurricane” Earl Stratton and the blue truck is driven by “Jammin'” John Morgan.

Each off-road race is four laps around the track. Players must stay ahead of all the computer-controlled trucks in order to remain in the game. If players manage to beat all the computer-controlled trucks, they will win a free race. But if any computer-controlled trucks cross the finish line first, the game is over but continuous play is available.

Each player gets a cash winning based on the order of finish. First place is $100,000; second place is $90,000; third place is $80,000; and fourth place is $70,000.

The cash winnings can to be used to spend at Ironman’s Speed Shop to help improve your truck before starting the next race. Those items which can be purchased are respectively:

Nitro ($1,000 each); gives speed boost
Tires ($40,000 each); tightens turning
Shocks ($60,000 each); lessens bounce over bumps
Acceleration ($80,000 each); improves starting power
Top Speed ($100,000 each); increases maximum speed

You can have up to 99 Nitros and up to five units of Tires, Shocks, Acceleration and Top Speed. These items can also each be purchased sooner with additional credits.

During each race, players can also pick up bags of money worth from $10,000 to $50,000 which can be added to the race winnings. They can also pick up cans with one to five Nitros to help them in the race.

Everytime a race is finished, the finishing time is recorded while each specifically colored off-road race-driver stands in each finishing place holding a gold trophy cup with a beautiful woman wearing a stunning evening gown or a skimpy bikini posing next to him while being photographed while the national anthem plays.

Afterwards, players can purchase various items to improve their vehicles at Ironman’s Speed Shop and then start the next race.

Each player’s salary is based on the number of races and average finishing time.

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