King of Fighters 94

Choose from one of eight teams each consisting of three characters. Battle it out in different countries. Once all teams have been defeated you fight the final boss: Rugal.

Choose out of 8 teams. Each team has 3 fighters. Here are the teams:

Japan: Kyo, Benimaru, Daimon
Italy: Terry, Andy, Joe
Mexico: Ryo, Robert, Takuma
England: Mai, King, Yuri
Korea: Kim, Chang, Choi
USA: Lucky, Brian, Heavy D.
China: Athena, Chin, Kensou
Brazil: Heidern, Ralf, Clark

After beating all of the other teams in one-player mode, the player moves onto the boss of the game: Rugal Bernstein. Rugal has 2 forms. In his first form, Rugal uses no special moves. In the second form, he is a lot stronger and has many special moves to use. After beating Rugal, you will see your team’s ending.

Special moves are performed by doing joystick motions and button presses. Each character has a super move which is done when the power gauge is full (hold down ABC) and then the command is done for the character.

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