King of Fighters 99

One more version of SNK’s classic three-on-three fighting game. This version adds a fourth character, the striker, but the battles are still three-on-three. Another addition is the “Counter Mode/Armor Mode” systems.

Play as Kyo Kusanagi/Iori Yagami: The machine must have a “” appearing below the copyright on the attract mode screen. For this “” to appear, the following conditions must be accomplished: – Have a high score of at least 400 battle ability points – Finish the game with all 4 characters chosen at random Once accomplished these conditions, it will be stored in the machine’s NVRAM so it is needless to do it again. Then, if the “” is there, at the character screen, move the cursor to the “?”, press and hold Start, then move the joystick: Left, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right for Kyo Kusanagi or Right, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left for Iori Yagami

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