M.I.A. Missing In Action

The gameplay has a tactile “hide and attack” style much like Green Beret or Rolling Thunder.

The game play is broken down into six stages. The first 4 stages (a war-torn field, a jungle, an airstrip, and a rail yard) will occur in random order and may be reversed (even the stages go right to left). In each of these stages, you must traverse your way to the end of the stage, where you face off with a powerful enemy force. In the field, you must clear out the enemy’s quarters, where a swarm of enemies will attack. In the other three, you must take out enemies firing from gun batteries high on towers. Once each enemy area is cleared, you will blow up the place and head on to your next objective.
The fifth stage is the POW compound. Infiltrate the compound and defeat the heavily-armed guards there to free the POWs.
In the sixth stage, you must escort the freed POWs to the helicopter while keeping the enemies from killing them. You must get at least one POW safely aboard to complete you mission and start a new set of stages.

You start each life with just your knife however, all enemies can be killed with the knife. Killing a red soldier makes him drop a weapon you can use (assault rifle, grenades, flame-thrower, or bazooka). You can have more than one and cycle through them as needed, but each has a limited supply.

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