Legend of Hero Tonma

A little caped hero fights his way to the boss’ castle through a cute scrolling world. Enemies can be killed by fireballs or stunned when jumped upon. Killed enemies and chests leave coins to increase a person’s score and options give aiming shots and bouncing fireballs.

The concept of the game is very similar to Ghosts ‘n Goblins, but the improvements include evolving weapons, collected coins (these are not used to buy anything) and the beautiful graphics. A little map at the start of each level shows the comments of the major boss about the player’s evolution: “I never thought you would come this far!”

The hero throws little fireballs to destroy the enemies who sometimes require several shots to be defeated. By picking up like bonuses, the fireball will increase to become a strange “bouncing” fireball. Jumping on the head of an enemy will stun it for a moment. The screen scrolling depends on the shape of the level and can be horizontal (first level) or multi-directional. A big boss appears at the end of each level to guard access to the next. Being hit by an enemy’s shot or touching an enemy otherwise than jumping on its head costs one life.

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