Main Event, The

A 1 to 4 player wrestling game in which each player has control of a wrestler for a one-fall tag team match. Characters are controlled by a directional joystick, a large light-up action button and a tag button.

What is so addicting about this multiplayer wrestling game is that physical activity immerses you in the gameplay. The game’s “Action” button and the characters position from the opponent controls all the special moves. Action becomes furious when a player’s character pins or has been pinned by an opponent. The game’s “ring side” commentary descibes the various moves and holds occuring on screen to add to the excitement.

The game has eight different characters to choose from: Kamikaze Ken, The Maui Mauler, San Antonio Smasher, Conan The Great, El Condor, Saturn Six, Bigfoot Joe and Alan The Empire. Most of these were patterned after actual wrestlers at the time, including Hulk Hogan, King Kong Bundy, Ricky Steamboat, King Haku, Koko B. Ware, and Andre The Giant.

One player can choose two of those wrestlers for his or her own tag team or two players can each choose to be one of the wrestlers on the same tag team depending on whether the game is played competively or cooperatively. There can be up to four players that compete in a single match.

You pick your player control by choosing the coin slot you want (there are four two on the left side for players 1 and 2, and two on the right for players 3 and 4 respectively).

You start with 100 life points (on your first credit), and when you win a match, you earn 5000 points on your total score, and 80 life points, except for a double countout (when both tag teams reach the count of 20 while not returning into the ring, and that is when the match becomes a brawl between the tag teams). Also, every time you add a second or more credits, it will give you 101 life points per each credit.

The announcer will determine whether the match ends in a pin (announcer says “It’s a pin!”, submission (“Awesome Power”), a double count out (“Double Countout, ………”, and Winner by Countout (no speech after the referee reaches the count of 20 against one tag team).

You have to defeat 15 tag teams to become champions. While becoming the top-ranked opponents for the Konami Wrestling Federation (KWF) tag team titles, when you win a match they will display a black and white picture of the team you choose (this is the announcer, and newspaper pic in between matches). However, once you become tag team champions, the picture will change to color. Also, they will count the amount of successful title defenses. When you lose, the count will stop until you get at least two wins in a row.

The Tag button will pull a prone opponent from the mat to his feet. A stunned opponent on their feet will be whipped to the ropes if you hit the Tag button again.

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