Makyou Senshi

Fly a craft over a scrolling background and dodge enemy fire while shooting enemies. The theme is somewhat medieval (dragons, soldiers, etc.) and plant-like (vines, lakes, etc.). Two fire buttons shoot weapons which, when powered-up, have a limited number of shots.

Two fire buttons allow for a weak weapon and a strong weapon, both of which may be replaced by picking up power-ups that appear when enemies die. Each power-up is a different kind of weapon which has a limited use as indicated next to the weapon icon (“10” would mean 10 shots left). When a power-up is acquired, it replaces the weakest weapon you currently have. When a weapon is used up, it converts back into the original single-shot weapon (infinite shots). Makes a great and wretched sound when you die. The rotary aims your arm for the throwing weapon (daggers,axes, etc.). The M-1 is mounted on your craft and only fires forward.

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