Metal Slug 2

This sequel is an all-out shooter where you can pick up over five different destructive weapons including grenades and flame bottles. There are also four different vehicles called Slugs that you can hop into to cause massive destruction against the enemy.

Pick from four different characters and defeat the evil Morden’s powerful army. Throughout the game there are several weapons that you can pick up: the Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Rocket Launcher, Flame Shot, Laser Shot, Flame Bottles, and Armor Piercer. There are also four different vehicles or Slugs (Metal Slug, Slug Flyer, Camel Slug, and SlugNoid) found throughout the game that you can hop into and cause awesome destruction against Morden’s evil army. Other items such as energy, extra ammunition, and food (eat too much and your player will gain weight) are also found throughout the game. This game has over five levels with overwhelming graphics and sound with massive explosions and destruction.

There are over five stages where players try to defeat Morden’s evil army. A second player can join in and play simultaneously.

If you push the A and B buttons while in one of the Slugs or vehicles, you will activate the “Metal Slug Attack”. Your player will evacuate the vehicle which will activate it to ram into enemy attack and cause total massive explosions and maximum destruction.

When the second endboss appears, jump down to the lower platform to the right. The endboss will be stuck and has no possibility to hit you (only works with the slug).

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