Neo Bomber Man

A sequel to the classic series that has two modes of play. The first has players laying bombs which detonate, clearing pathways, killing enemy or removing targets in the blast vicinity. The second mode pits player against player (or computer) with the object being to destroy the opponent and whoever wins five matches first, wins the round.

A player starts the game boxed into a corner of the screen. By dropping bombs that explode a few seconds later, eventually a clear path will be made that leads to enemies that were also boxed into sections of the screen. When a player clears the blocks, power-ups are uncovered such as more bombs (the player can lay multiple bombs at once), moving faster, controlled bomb detonation (the player can detonate bombs using the B button), expanded blast zone (the blast travels farther) and extra players. There are also eggs that a player can “hatch” which produce a bird the character can ride on. The bird allows you to take an additional hit from an enemy or bomb blast without losing a life.

After all the enemies have been cleared from a particular screen and the player has found the “escape hatch”, the player can exit the screen. There is a time limit for each screen of three minutes that can be extended by finding the appropriate power-up. Points are awarded after exiting the screen based upon how much time is left; more time equals more bonus points.

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