Nightmare In The Dark

A peaceful (yet creepy looking!) gravekeeper embarks on a night-shift battle against zombies & other night dwellers in order to put an end to the grave robbing mystery before the local villagers panic! Features very nice graphics with cool backgrounds, great soundtrack & pretty fun gameplay.

The player throws fireballs at the ghouls and goblins on a non-scrolling multi level board. After a few hits the enemy will ignite into a giant fireball that can be lobbed at other baddies on the board. Players can attempt to setup elaborate chain with the flaming ghoul to get power ups and points. There are five boards each with five stages, on the fifth stage players will encounter a boss.

Pick Character Color: At the beginning of the game, or at the continue screen, hold the buttons and press the Start button to choose the specific color: A = Blue, B = Red, C = Green, D = Yellow, AB = Grey, CD = Purple, AC = Orange, BD = Black

Shoot the treasure chests with fire and they will churn out lots and lots of diamonds until they disappear. As long as you do not get hit, the diamonds will continue to go up in value until they finally reach 10,000 each. Grabbing the sacks will add multipliers (2X, 4X, up to 8X) that will further increase your score.

There are many cracks in the wood/stone of most levels. Some of these will reveal a fireball that will make your shot fly all over the board. Experiment with throwing at different angles to find these hidden spots. Most will clear the entire board as the ball flings out of control.

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