Off the Wall

One or two players bust through blocks in various formations using a paddle and ball, trying to reach an exit located in the center of the blocks in order to advance to the next wave. There are glowing blocks which give you “Power Ups” Xextra ball, Ccatch ball, I invinciball, S slow ball, B bigger paddle, F firepower which allows you to shoot blocks with a gun located in the center of your paddle. You get points for busting blocks, but get more bonus points for blocks left when you reach the exit.

This game expands upon the classic Breakout theme in several ways. There are many levels with unique variations, such as new blocks parachuting in to replace the blocks which you just busted, barrier blocks that cannot be busted, moving blocks, and objects which can deflect or place spin upon the ball. If you keep the ball in play long enough, the ball splits in two. In the two-player mode, you only get points when the ball color matches your paddle color. The ball color is determined by the last paddle to hit the ball.

This game adds enough twists to the classic Breakout to make for very interesting gameplay. When the game ends you can continue where you left off by adding additional credits, but your score at the end of a multiple credit game is determined by dividing your points by the number of credits played.

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