Out Run

Out Run is a ground-breaking racing game in which the player drives a red Ferrari Testarossa through a number of colourful European locations, trying to reach each end-of-level checkpoint before the tight time limit expires.

Each of the game’s stages is packed with civilian traffic that must be carefully avoided, as players try to negotiate the game’s twisting, hilly roads.

At the end of every stage players are presented with a fork in the road, allowing them to chose which route they wish to take next. This was not the first time this feature had appeared (Tatsumi’s 1983 racer, TX-1, was the first to introduce forked roads).

As well as being able to choose routes, players could also – via the game’s “in-car radio” – choose one of three different catchy tunes to listen to while driving. The songs are ‘Magical Sound Shower’, ‘Passing Breeze’ and ‘Splash Wave’.

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