Pig Out

In this game, a bunch of little piggies run around in a gym-like maze trying to eat up all the goodies on the road. They must avoid an evil butcher and several big bad wolves chasing them.

The game is similar to Pac-Man. Each time the butcher or the wolves get near, you can stun them by throwing cans and other projectiles at them. The graphics are cute.

Up to three people can play at once. The left player controls the blue pig, the middle player operates the red pig and the green pig is controlled by the right player.

The object of the game is for the player’s pig character to eat as much food and drink as many drinks as possible while avoiding big bad wolves, an evil butcher and other enemies. Up to five jars of jam must be collected before players can proceed to the next stage. Each stage has a different background such as apartment buildings, circuses, underground sewers, construction sites, fire stations, bookstores, fish-packing plants, factories, etc.

The foods and drinks that are spread across each stage include cherries, strawberries, pineapples, bananas, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, tacos, popsicles, ice cream cones, sundaes, cakes, candy bars, root beers, fruit punches and so on. Each food and drink has a different number of calories that ranges from 10 to 1000. The more that is consumed, the more calories are gained. Occasionally, some of the food and/or drinks can cause the pig characters to belch, give them gas or make them temporarily dazed. Certain foods like candy bars and cakes can give any player’s pig character an extra boost of speed. Flowers that grow and bloom can also be eaten and the bigger they grow and bloom that more calories they can contain. Sometimes, whenever all the food and drinks are gone, more will appear on that stage. Some food and/or drinks can also occasionally be found in lunchboxes, bags and baskets that sometimes appear. Players will not advance to the next stage until all five jars of jam that are labeled from 1 to 5 are collected and each will only appear in the stage one at a time. After all the jars of jam have been collected, bonus calories from 1000 to 5000 will be rewarded depending on how many jars each player has collected.

Other enemies in this game besides the wolves and the butcher also include nightstick-wielding guards, snowball-throwing penguins, diving buzzards and hungry alligators. They all must be avoided by keeping away from them, jumping over them or using elevators, trampolines, escalators, poles, chutes, trapezes, swinging ropes and so on to escape from them. There are also steel traps which will occasionally appear on some stages that also must be avoided. Sometimes, some of the enemies can also be tricked into slipping on banana peels or being caught in steel traps. Certain projectiles including cans (which range from a single can to a six-pack), boomerangs and bowling balls can be picked up and used to throw at some of those enemies to temporarily stun them but they can also be picked up by the wolves and the butcher and they will try to throw them at any of the pig characters too. Those projectiles can also be thrown at other people like pedestrians, firemen, construction workers, guards and painters. Some people who are struck by those projectiles may drop some food and drinks that can be collected like the rest that appears in the stage.Falling objects that are dropped by people atop buildings and ejected by birds who fly by are things that are also to be avoided.

There are also all kinds of different special items which appear in each stage which each pig character can pick up for defense as well as additional points. These special items include:

Superman logos that can make a player’s pig character temporarily invincible
“X2” symbols which double the number of calories in every food and drink
Lightning clouds which can teleport a pig character to safety if he or she is touched by an enemy, a deadly object or falls to a certain doom
Magic lamps that can make an angel pig appear and place other foods, drinks, projectiles and special items at certain locations in the stage
Umbrellas that protect any player’s pig character from falling objects
Football helmets that protect from thrown projectiles and falling objects
Coins that can buy any pig character an additional can from a vending machine

Sometimes the items can also include fire extinguishers that can put out fires that appear on some stages as well as buckets of paint which can be given to painters on some other stages. But if the player’s pig character gets hit by a projectile, falling object or slips on a banana peel, the projectiles or special items the player’s pig character has will be dropped and then have to be picked up again.

If a player ends a game with an exceptional high score, there will be a special scene after the game where a judge at a fair will award the player’s pig character with a trophy while an entire audience of pigs will cheer for him or her.

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