Psycho Soldier

This side-scroller features Athena, the character who first appeared in a game called “Athena” and also later in the Neo-Geo “King of Fighters” series. This was the first game to use a fully digitized, full-length vocal sountrack.

This post-apocalyptic side-scroller stars Athena who appeared in a game called “Athena” and later in the Neo-Geo “King of Fighters” series the second player, Kensou, also appears in King of Fighters. A power scale increases her attack power and at full power with an artifact, she turns into a phoenix. A second person plays as Athena’s friend Kensu and at the end of the game, Athena and Kensu perform a concert the vocal soundtrack plays throughout the credits.

You can collect orbs that can be fired like a bazooka. They rotate around you, blocking minor projectiles. You can also grab power-ups to increase your shot power and range. At full power, a certain artifact changes Athena into a fire-breathing phoenix. The game is a multi-level side scroller, and you can jump between levels to attack or avoid enemies and grab power-ups.

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