You control a small car running around in a maze. There are of course the obvious “bad guys”, namely other cars that try to force an accident with you. While you try to dodge the other cars (and there’s more of them in each level!) you have to collect the ten yellow flags to get more points. There’s also a timer and a fuel gauge to take into account.

A radar screen shows the location of your car, the other enemy cars and the flags. The score for picking up flags increases starting at 100 points. Collecting the flashing special flag visible on the radar awards a 2x bonus for the remaining flags. Avoid randomly placed rocks and use smoke to stop enemy cars for short periods of time. However, using smoke costs fuel. Every third round, the enemy cars do not move unless your fuel runs out.

The player moves his car around the maze, avoiding several red cars that chase the player. The object is to collect ten yellow flags that are in the maze. The player can temporarily stun the red cars with its smokescreen. Every third round, the player must move around the maze collecting the flags before fuel runs out, and the cars start to move.

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