A barbarian’s adventure across varying terrain while encountering an assortment of mythological creatures and weapons. Pick up bonus items to increase your characters health or protection against attack, but beware of the cursed items. Unlimited continues are available throughout the game.

If you die on the final stage, the game ends and you cannot continue. You must complete the entire level on one quarter. In order to make this remotely possible you should die at the end of the fifth stage while fighting the boss a multi-headed dragon. You should then hit another credit to continue and defeat the dragon with your first man with as little damage as possible. If you can’t defeat him with the first man and little damage, kill off the remaining men and start with a fresh credit. Always go after the special weapons. If special weapons run out, jumping and striking doubles the damage done with the sword. Pushing up and the jump button will jump higher than pushing the jump button alone.

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