This game is based upon the TV show of the same name. Players select one of six teams and play either against each other or the computer in this combination of roller derby and hand-to-hand fighting.

The names of the six teams are respectively Bad Attitude, The Violators, The Maniacs, Hot Flash, The T-Birds, and The Rockers. Each player can choose to be one of those teams at the beginning of the game.

The player controls the team’s “jetter”, the skater who wears a helmet and scores points for the team that he or she is on. Once every circuit, the jetter will skate up the wall and then try to jump the ramp. Afterwards, the jetter will then try to also score points by getting past skaters on the opposing team and that will either be by skating past them or knocking them down.

On the wall, 6 points are scored by getting above the marker but only 2 points are scored if you only get below the marker. On the ramp, 6 points are scored by jumping over the marker but only 2 points are scored if you jump in front of the marker. For every opposing skater you skate past or knock down, each is worth 1 point apiece. Everytime you skate up the wall and jump off the ramp you repeatedly press the buttons to increase power.

Each game has four fifteen minute periods, in the first and fourth, the male skaters compete and in the second and third, the female skaters compete. At the end of the fourth period, your score must be higher in order to win the game and go to the next game where you will compete against another team.

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