R-Type II

The sequel to the hugely successful original finds the evil Bydo Empire once again intent on the destruction of all mankind in this sideways scrolling, six-level shoot-em-up.

The innovative weapons system of the original game – the ‘Beam Weapon’ and ‘Force Pod’ – make a welcome return and remain unchanged for the sequel.

The tight, demanding gameplay and high emphasis on correct usage of the weapons system also return – although the sequel is, if anything, even more demanding than its already unforgiving predecessor; with more durable enemies and trickier level design.

R*Type II features three new weapon shot types:
* Green – Search Laser – fires semi-homing lasers that can bend at 45° angles.
* Grey – Shotgun Laser – fires large shells that travel a short distance before exploding powerfully.
* Scatter Bomb – drops bombs to the ground; when these explode, the explosion scatters forwards along the ground. This is a supporting weapon that can be equipped instead of missiles.

In addition to the new weapons, R-type II’s Beam Weapon has received an upgrade. As with the first game, holding down the fire button makes a power gauge fill up, releases the button then unleashes a powerful plasma shot. For the sequel, however, continuing to hold down the button causes the gauge to charge up further. This ‘double-charged’ gauge flashes blue and red and releases an even more powerful plasma burst.

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