• The game features 15 stages & bosses:
Stage 01: The Deep Blue – Boss: High Speed Destroyer ‘Nagi’
Stage 02: Iron Beast Warcry – Boss: New type heavy tank ‘Shouto’
Stage 03: Jungle Fight – Boss: Prototype Attacker ‘Akane’
Stage 04: The Rock Fortress – Boss: Cruising Tank ‘Noroshi’
Stage 05: Eagle Territory – Boss: Intercontinental Bomber ‘Kyuoh’
Stage 06: Devil Mountain – Boss: Special Attacker ‘Haruka’
Stage 07: Nightmare Valley – Boss: Anti-Submarine Battle Cruiser ‘Kai’
Stage 08: Fields Of War – Boss: Multi-Cannon Tank ‘Ishizue’
Stage 09: Muddy Interceptor – Boss: Middle Class Bomber ‘Akatsuki’
Stage 10: Storm Fortress – Boss: Super Gigantic Battleship ‘Kaijin’
Stage 11: Oil Legion – Boss: Anti-Aircraft Battleship ‘Yu’
Stage 12: Leviathan’s Mouth – Boss: Twin-Bodied Transporter ‘Take’
Stage 13: Battle Of Green Field – Boss: Gigantic Fighter ‘Arashi’
Stage 14: The Last Duel – Boss: Railed Tank ‘Goku’
Stage 15: Bell Of Triumph – Boss: Moving Fortress ‘Appare Toride’

After destroying Stage 15 boss, the game ends if stage layout is set to 1 loop, or the game continues with stage 1 with enemy firing faster bullets, if the stage layout is set to endless.

• Hold FIRE to charge guns. When it is fully charged release FIRE. The plane will be INVINCIBLE for a short period of time and fire powerful low range projectiles. Then the guns will overheat preventing you from charging them for a short time.

• The mini fighters that appear beside your plane are destroyed after taking two hits. Destroyed side fighters are replaced if you have more in stock. During charge attacking or when there is no bomb, pushing BOMB makes side fighters charge forward for a powerful suicide attack.

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