Basic idea is to fly your helicopter to each ‘prison’ and shoot the door off. Be careful not to shoot any of the POWs as they escape, land then pick up the prisoners and return back to base, you get additional fuel for each prisoner returned you carry a maximum of 8 at a time. Idea is to rescue more than 20 prisoners per level, if you get shot down and lose too many the level restarts. Bit Bonus points for rescuing maximum number of prisoners 24. Spending too much time of the ground alerts tanks, or flying saucers on later levels to your location they appear at the bottom of the screen and start to shell you. Also be careful of rotor blades and landing on/shooting POWs. Great digitized music, and speech. POW’s shout ‘don’t leave’ if you fly off without them. Or scream when they’re killed. The screen features some really nice parallax scrolling, especially on the first level, and lots of color. All powered by a z80.

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