Cheats, Tricks, Bugs, and Easter Eggs

BUG This only happens in two player mode. On the second level right before the end of level baddie comes out, if one player looses all his lives, the boss will not appear and you will NOT be able to continue the game.PCHEAT Use the elbow smash against any enemy and you should be able to defeat them without any problem.PCHEAT This cheat requires two players. At the end of level two the one with the lift, player one should get the green enemy in a full nelson from behind when he is nearly dead and therefore low on energy. When all the other enemies have been killed, the games countdown timer should stop and if player two picks up the whip, the green bad guy should be able to be whipped indefinately, provided that this is done carefully. Player twos score will continue to increase and after about 20 minutes his score should reach 99,950. After that, everytime player two hits an enemy or scores some points the player should receive an extra life.PTRICK Sometimes, enemies will come out wielding sticks of dynamite. if you let them throw it, walk backwards and they should walk right into the explosion One of the oldest Double Dragon tricks.
Marion has been taken away by the Black or Shadow Warriors and is being held hostage. If the game is being played by two people, both players can fight enemies throughout the game, but they are also able to hurt each other. When both players finally reach the end of the game, there is a one-on-one fight between the two to see who wins the girl.
Game Play

Players advance through four stages. You start in a street, move into a factory, through a jungle/forest then end up in a castle. There are a variety of moves such as back-kicks, elbows, head-butts, uppercuts, knee-ing in the face and throws. You can steal weapons from enemies such as knives, clubs, whips and dynamite among others and use them against any of the enemies. You can also use oil drums, crates and big rocks to throw at your enemies. Not much else to do except walk along and beat the crap out of anyone in your way until you finish the game.
The third level is quite long, so unless you have played the game a lot you may not be able to complete this stage within the time limit, in which case you will lose a life. There are also instant die situations when you must jump over a bridge and holes.

The fourth level is very short. It only contains about six enemies!

The player can play either Billy blue, blonde, and blue eyes, player 1, or Jimmy red, brunette, and green eyes, player 2


Williams – Generic punk. Not very strong but he wields a variety of weapons such as baseball bats, dynamite and daggers.
Lopar – He is a bit stronger than Williams and likes to throw away stuff like oil drums, rocks and boxes.
Lindas – Female punk who usually carries a whip. She’s very fragile and does not appear as often as the other enemies.
Bolo – The big guy. He’s very strong and likes to throw away people.
Abobo – The first boss, who bears a resemblance to Mr. T. He’s just like Bolo. A green version of Abobo appears in the end of Mission 3.
Jeff – The second boss. This guy looks just like your character and he is every bit as good. He can easily escape from your grasp.
Willy – The big boss. Armed with a machinegun and not afraid to use it.

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