The games allows you to start in either Easy or Hard difficulty. Easy starts at level 1, Hard starts at level 3.
The goal of the game is similar to Mahjongg solitaire, or Shanghai. Specifically, the player is trying to remove all of the tiles from the board.

Game Play

The player moves a dragon hand-shaped pointer to select tiles. Tiles can only be selected if they are “free” (have no tiles above them, or directly next to them to the left or right.) When a tile is selected, it is moved down to the player’s rack on the bottom of the screen. Whenever three tiles on the rack match, they are removed and points as well as extra time is awarded.
If the player removes all but nine of the tiles, the game finishes the level for them. Then, the player moves on to the next level. Sometimes, there is a choice of paths to take.

If the rack of tiles fills up with no three-of-a-kinds or the player runs out of time, the game ends. The player is allowed to continue.

There are three special cards in the lower-right corner of the screen. Each can be used a limited number of times.

One card allows the player to return a tile from the rack to where it was originally.

Another card causes the game to look for a series of plays that will cause a match to occur. If it finds one, it will make the plays automatically. If not, it will display “No Solution” and the use of the card will be refunded.

The remaining card allows the player to “blow up” all of the tiles matching one that he already has on his rack

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